Paul Hudson | Claybusters

I am proud to participate in the No Worries Classic Sporting Clay Shoot event this year. Since it began in 2008, the event has raised over $2 million for Wonders & Worries and is the largest sporting clay shoot fundraiser in the country that does not have an auction.

Wonders & Worries provides professional support for children through a parent's illness and the largest fundraiser of the year is the No Worries Classic. This year, 100 shooters will come together for the 10th anniversary of the event on Friday, October 20, 2017 to do their best to hit 60 clays and raise money for this great cause. I invite you to join me and invest in the mission of Wonders & Worries this year.

It is not widely known, but Wonders & Worries is 100% privately funded. We have been fortunate we have not had to turn anyone away...yet, but we are stretching the limits of our services and as Austin continues to grow, so will the need for more of our services.

You can make a single donation, or you can make a “pledge per clay” (at $5, $10, or any amount) so the more clays I hit, the more money I raise! Whether you make a single gift now or a pledge to be paid on October 21st, you will be helping kids right here in Austin.

In addition to your donation, I would make one more humble request. While I have a large circle of family and friends, that list can grow exponentially should you feel compelled to forward this on to those you know who might be interested in supporting Wonders & Worries. Even if you only pass it on to one more person, the opportunity for our success will benefit greatly and will increase the awareness about this critical organization in our community.

Thank you for considering a donation to Wonders & Worries through the No Worries Classic!

Funds raised: $11,880 of $10,000


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Thank you donors
Wofford William : $500
Highland Lakes Watercraft, Inc. CAROPEPE : $100
Janice & Rowland Curry : $50
Hope the event went well!
Jolynn Greene
Jeff Boldrick : $110
Janie Cook : $50
Thomas Vetters : $275
Paul Hudson : $100
Paul Hudson : $500
Marney Edwards : $110
John Murphy : $150
Duane Cripe : $100
Brian Jeffrey : $110
Patricia Newton : $35
Wallace and Amy Kleindienst
Joan Trayhan : $25
Shana Clark : $50
Thanks for helping others!
Cina Crisara : $50
Janet Hale : $100
Steven Baker : $50
Happy to help Paul. I think it's a great service to families going through tough times!
Brian&Amy Dalland : $100
Thomas Ausley : $150
Thank you for making a difference for these children whose parent faces a serious illness.
Jeff Sanderson : $100
Good luck shooting! Great cause.
Michael Blair : $200
Andrew Weary : $100
Thanks Paul! It is great to know there is help available to lift the overwhelming burden of helping not only the ill & injured but their families as well. WW is a blessing to whole families.
Raul Gonzalez : $45
Paul, because this is a good cause and you are a great guy. But for the grace of God, we all could find ourselves needing help, and we are called to help others as we can. Thanks
As you know we have been hit hard with the hurricane. When we get on our feet we will do more.
Harold Peterson : $200
Glenn & Pam Stevenson : $50
Glad to be able to participate in some small way for this wonderful organization.
Evelyn Robinson : $50
Thanks for allowing me to participate in your fundraising for Wonders and Worries.
Dan Kelley : $50
Hope you hit em all.
Diane Fulmer : $100
Luci Miller : $100
Thanks for working to support this important cause!
Alan Hudson : $1,000
Go Bro!
sandi tomlinson
John German
Billy and Elaine Cox
Becky Adkins : $50
So happy to support this worthwhile cause. Thanks for all who participate
Gary Grissom : $200
Brian Sulc : $100
Go Paul!!
We are glad to support you. Wish you the best.
Cynthia Hall : $25
Linda Khanoyan : $50
Wonderful cause! Good luck!
Steve Laas : $100
Jennifer Haley : $25
You go! Great cause!
John Adams : $45
Anna Mateja : $50
Go get 'me Paul! Mike and Anna
Scott Figg : $20
Kenneth Owens : $50
Marisol Samaro : $50
Good luck Paul!
David Bremer : $100
You're a good man Paul.
Steve Malachowski
Good stuff Paul. Shoot 'em down!
Jessica Kizer
David Simmonds : $350
Annette Hudson
Good Luck, Paul.
Debbie Coblentz : $150
Go get 'em Paul.
Michael Midkiff : $100
go get 'em Elmer
Valerie Wheelock : $100
Todd Routh : $1,000
Bruce Magnuson : $50
Good luck.
Paul and Alyson Stone
Pablo, remember to point, not aim...
John Lasby : $100
A great cause!
Molly Brydson
Go Paul!
May Latson : $25
Once again, Paul, thanks for doing this.
Bill & Sylvia Passmore : $50
Kirk Siler : $50
Martha Hudson : $1,000
Anonymous : $100
Jeremy Thompson : $100
Bust 'em up!
Joe Fojtik : $100
Wishing you the best of luck.
Tracy Burger : $100
Lucian Morehead : $100
Paul, best of luck!
Bonnie Mills : $500
Bruce & Jill Barre : $50
Julie Jary : $100
Thanks for doing so much to help these children, Paul!
Larry Levi : $60
Elliot & Heather Oshman
Kui Yang : $25
Wish I could be there.
Sally Watkins
Thomas Nevill : $100
Teresa Foster : $50
Cathleen Slack : $100