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Thank you for actually reaching this page and for your consideration.

Wonders & Worries, founded by my dear friend Meredith Cooper is an organization like truly no other. A tremendous Heartbeat that has provided LOVE, education, care and compassion for so many kiddos and families for nearly 2 decades. Families and friends you and I know and so many folks unknown to us that all found a community that show genuine consideration for basic human needs during the most difficult time.

As you may well be aware, our family has faced some serious health challenges the past several years. Our friends and family have certainly provided much needed and appreciated support. Wonders and Worries has been there proactively offering help through counseling, support and education with open arms to our family. I cannot describe in this letter the real emotional burden that know that those folks are there without asking anything in return.

A brief History:

In 2001, the Livestrong Foundation provided funding for Meredith Cooper, MS, CCLS, LPC and Melissa Hicks, MS, CCLS, LPC, RPT to start a pilot group to support the children of families dealing with cancer and its devistating aftermat.  Since its founding, Wonders & Worries has supported over 6,500 individuals and over 1,600 families. Wonders & Worries offers one of the only comprehensive programs in the nation that provides free, professional support for children in English and Spanish, and ensures a stable foundation for maximizing well-being.

Services are free of charge, but the organization relies on community support and contributions to provide its professional services to families; there is no funding from federal, state, city, or county government.

At Wonders & Worries, children will:

  • Gain age-appropriate understanding of their parent’s illness, treatment and side effects
  • Experience opportunities to express their feelings related to the changes in their family
  • Learn resiliency and coping skills that will serve them for a lifetime

  • “It may not be today or even tomorrow, but sometime in your life you will know a family who will need Wonders & Worries. We are forever grateful for the guidance and friendship of Wonders & Worries.”       Testimonial

    This year is the 10th Anniversary that we have held this Fundraising event for W & W and I am proud to be a part of a team that have raised over $2.5 MILLION. I hope that you will join me in supporting our team at Wonders and Worries 

    One last humble request in addition to asking for your support. 

    While I have a large circle of family and friends, that list can grow exponentially should you feel compelled to forward this to those you know who might be interested in supporting our friends and their challenge. Even if you only pass this on to one more person, the opportunity for our success will benefit greatly and will increase the awareness about this critical organization.

    Thank you for your friendship, time and support, and considering a donation to Wonders & Worries and helping me and our friends ensure that one less family has to face uncertainty without support

    Thank you my friends 


    Funds raised: $1,400 of $25,000


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