Philip Tom | Sonic Flyers

I am excited to participate in the wonders and worries classic again this year.  This is a wonderful organization that helps kids cope with a parent's serious or chronic illness.  I am very fortunate to have had wonderful family and friends to lean on during the times our family has had major health problems.  I often wondered what it would have been like if I wasn't so lucky.  I am happy that this organization exists because they do excellent work in a much needed area.

Instead of paying to participate, we are asked to raise money for the event.  I hope that you will consider donating to the cause.  No amount is too small or too large.



Funds raised: $5,400 of $2,500


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Thank you donors
Roy Gunnels : $250
Roger White
Shoot straight for a good cause.
Ross Gunnels : $750
jerry conway : $500
Vince Leggett : $50
Swab the deck my friend. You'll do fine.
Todd Gunnels : $150
Don't beat Vince to bad
Nancy Kay Tom : $500
Seth walker : $100
Roxana Tom : $400
Nancy Tom : $250
I will always help out my brother!
Jason Gallas : $200
Bob Hewson : $50
Darryl Lyons : $100